Scam Alert, China tests its “Cryptoyuan”

Scam Alert, China tests its “Cryptoyuan”

The central bank will test the long awaited “cryptoyuan” in the cities of Xiongan, Shenzhen, Guangdong and Suzhou. Signs like Starbucks, McDonald’s and even cinemas will participate in the operation.

Big Jinping launches a cryptocurrency that only has the name. This new digital currency will allow the Chinese Communist Party to increase its grip on the population on the one hand and on the world on the other.

White paper

Yuan China

White paper ”Is the name given by Satoshi Nakamoto to the few pages that explain the Bitcoin protocol.

A protocol Open Source that anyone can modify. In crypto lingo, this is called a “Fork”, when a blockchain splits into two different versions / blockchains. Example: Bitcoin Cash . This fork of the original Bitcoin was set up to increase the number of transactions that can be integrated into each block.

Those who can read Chinese can consult the “White paper” of the yuan digital here . SURPRISE is a scam. The digital Yuan is NOT built on a blockchain…

The only similarity to Bitcoin is in a QR-code to scan to initiate a payment … Move on, there is nothing to see except a wet firecracker. From the counterfeit kingdom, that was to be expected.

The CBDC (Digital Currency Electronic Payment) is built exactly like the fractional reserve system of lambda banks. A first type of CBDC will be issued by the central bank for private banks and a second type of CBDC will be issued by private banks.

The great feature of the CBDC is that it is not compulsory to have a bank account to use it. It only takes two phones with the wallet to initiate a payment, even without internet. So we can already imagine the millions of people who will be ripped off … # Doubledépense.

The Chinese president rolled us all in the flour by praising the blockchain a few months ago … The Chinese central bank (PBOC) however sold the wick on December 23 stating that “the yuan would be different from bitcoin” … Perhaps it will also be necessary to wait for Christmas to have the real figures concerning the victims of the coronavirus.

Application smartphone du
CBDC application images

In short, even Bitcoin Diamond is a greater threat to Bitcoin than Chinese shitcoin…

The end of cash disguised as “cryptoyuan”

Many will have forgotten but here is what the PBOC researchers said in 2018:

“Digital money will allow negative rates to be implemented.

Sun Guofeng, Director of Research of the Chinese Central Bank (PBOC) in 2018

About 3,700 trillion yuan ($ 500 trillion) were exchanged as digital payment in 2019 , or only 1/5 of the total. Which is not to the taste of communist bankers who aim to tax savings with negative rates. The aim is to encourage consumption and thus maintain growth of 6% of GDP per year.

To put it another way, those who prefer to live soberly will be robbed of their money by the bankers … This financial fascism aims to make every Mandarin a compulsive consumer under penalty of being looted. It is a relentless hard-to-end when we know that we crossed the peak oil in 2008 (excluding shale oil) and that the world is on the verge of a forced decline …

La banque vole ses clients

In the meantime, propaganda continues to accuse banknotes of being vectors for the transmission of the virus . Everything is a pretext for the stigma of cash. The government even distributes digital coupons ”(currency helicopter) only at those who have digital payment applications…

It is does this virus anyway …

Social Credit

It is no longer a secret, China takes note of its citizens and deprives those who do not want of liberty entering the mold . Chinese totalitarianism uses technology to create armed with clones with a single thought. To do this, the algorithm must know what everyone is buying in order to refine the notes to the nearest cent…

Here is a small selection of deprivation of liberties in the event of too low a note: slow internet connection, borrowing rate and tax higher ts, plane or train travel prohibited, public humiliation on cinema screens, longer waiting time for treatment, etc.

Enough to spend the urge to buy too much alcohol or a ticket for a dissident rock group…

We too, Westerners, are spied on, analyzed, profiled and classified. Everyone remembers the scandal Cambridge Analytica … This psychological profiling firm sifted through the data of more than 80 million Americans before classifying it according to 32 types of personalities with a view to bombarding them surgically with fake news and tailor-made propaganda messages .


Tickets allow you to buy what you want anonymously, without fearing the surveillance of all the pleasures you have. But who knows how much longer, we Westerners, will enjoy this freedom?

The Chinese dystopia has gotten ahead and we would do well not to enter this race for totalitarianism. Note however that MasterCard sells your historical ‘purchases at google

Belt and Road Initiative

Chine “One Belt, One Road”

The only interesting feature of the CBDC is that it is not you need to have a bank account to use it. In other words, anyone in the world can use Chinese currency without going through their bank.

This attribute s’embo î perfectly in the project of new silk routes by which China wants to connect Asia to Africa and Europe. The idea is that the populations on these trade routes can download the CBDC wallet and bypass existing financial structures . (As such, the Huawei case is most likely linked to the CBDC.)

In indeed, if you want to do business with the rest of the world, you must go through a bank member of the SWIFT network . There is no other way. However SWIFT is managed by a board of directors composed of 25 seats which support 80% of the buttocks of westerners . Its president is the boss of CityBank , the largest bank in the world…

swift vs bitcoin

The SWIFT network currently stores the secrets of more than 11,000 banks. It infuses all international transactions and can therefore disconnect any country from the global banking system. One country is currently paying the price: Iran.

Les Persians were disconnected from SWIFT by Uncle Sam which seeks to preserve its monetary hegemony.

The US empire rests on the petrodo llar . The expression “petrodollar” is used to recall the fact that all the oil in the world is sold exclusively in dollars. The majority of American wars are aimed at preventing exporting countries from selling their oil in a currency other than the greenback.

Iran (and Venezuela, also under embargo) refuses to sell its black gold in dollars. Worse, the country accepts the Chinese Yuan. Casus Belli. ..

It is no coincidence that China is the only country in the world daring to defy the American embargo on Iran. Like Uncle Sam, the Middle Kingdom would also like to benefit from the exorbitant privilege (oil against paper)…

Bitcoin, international currency

It would be bad to know the Americans if believe that they will let the de-dollarization of the world begin without a blow. Donald Trump has just ordered his war fleet to “destroy” the Iranian maritime patrols that would get too close…

We have the impression that a spark could transform the Sino-American trade and monetary war, in short. However, there is a solution to avoid confrontation: use a fair international currency.

John Maynard Keynes had imagined a world currency since 1944. The “Bancor” . The project was finally abandoned when the IMF was created because the Americans intended to take advantage of a ruined Europe to make the dollar the new international currency par excellence.

It was not until later, in 1969, that the IMF acquired the SDR (special drawing right) . This currency has also recently been emerged from the closet by Emmanuel Macron in order to “help” African countries to fight the coronavirus which has decidedly good backs .

Unfortunately, the SDR is made up of a basket of currencies largely in favor of the West (dollar 41%, euro 30%, Chinese yuan 10% , Japanese yen 8% and British pound 8%). Not sure that this distribution is suitable for China, the world’s leading economy (at purchasing power parity)…

The only currency that can appease Washington-Beijing relations is a currency that does not benefit anyone in particular. Decentralized currency. I named, Bitcoin…

Give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar

Currency is currently a tool of domination. The Dollar offers Americans an exorbitant privilege on which their lifestyle depends almost exclusively. Without petrodollar, the United States could not spend 700 billion per year in their war machine. They could not make their law everywhere in the world.

The geomonetary standoff between two empires which aspire to regional, if not global, domination , will only stop with a stateless currency. A currency issued by an IMF under Washington’s orders will not do the trick…

Physical or digital gold (Bitcoin) must return to the center of international trade. As long as the Americans will not give up their monetary privilege, China will persist in its pharaonic project of the silk routes, at a time when humanity must strongly reduce its CO2 emissions to protect future generations…


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