Some Cryptocurrencies Will Earn 10,000%, Here's How To Recognize Them!

Some Cryptocurrencies Will Earn 10,000%, Here's How To Recognize Them!

Les NFT pourraient voir leur marché exploser de 10000%

A world where each player, each person would be tokenized on the blockchain: I don’t know if it is desirable or on the contrary to be feared. After DeFi and Bitcoin (BTC) or in reverse order – non-fungible tokens (NFT) would be the best investment for the future. Gemini sensed the potential behind NFTs, which is why the exchange launched the marketplace for tokens, Nifty Marketplace 2.0 , earlier this year.

5-digit growth for NFTs

The crypto-influencer and bull BTC Lark Davis estimates that non-fungible tokens have a growth potential of 10,000%.

Apart from the DeFi sector which continues to grow exponentially, Davis is convinced that the field of NFT is that which presents the most investment opportunities for the future.

The NFT are particular tokens representing a right of ownership over a particular type of asset .

Unlike fungible assets which can be traded endlessly, NFTs have unique characteristics that differentiate them from one another.

NFTs can thus be considered as tokens with a certificate of authenticity verifiable on the blockchain .

NFTs: from gaming to business

The NFT have multiple application possibilities, especially in the field of art and of gaming : the property rights in digital works of art , or the possibility of

, or the possibility to acquire objects in the games , such as land or pets.

Lark points out that NFTs can also be used in business solutions, such as payment for royalties, insurance compensation or invoicing.

The most interesting use case would be a transplant of NFT to DeFi: MakerDAO is developing, for example, a project related to the integration of royalties on its platform.

Lark himself is particularly interested in the protocol Persistence based on the blockchain Cosmos .

The objective of Persistence is to resolve issues related to cross-border payments and investment, by enabling fresh capital flows to access the crypto-industry.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

What is rare is precious, what is unique is even more so. The NFT for digital identity : it’s obvious ! Virtual authentication isn’t something new either. Barcodes already ensured product traceability. To really be able to sell NFTs, it would be necessary once and for all to highlight the practical advantage of a blockchain over a centralized database: and no, it is not won!

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