Reddit: the Moon token flies after the airdrop to the community

Reddit: the Moon token flies after the airdrop to the community

A airdrop done from Reddit for its ERC20 MOON token and BRICK token.

Tokens have been sent to community users crypto and those related to Fortnite for their great contribution on the social.

Although Reddit initially expressed a desire not to make MOONs available on the market, these tokens have now been listed and can therefore be monetized in fiat currency.

The Reddit MOON token: use, volume and market cap

You can exchange MOON tokens and pass them on xDAI to then convert them into DAI and thus monetize the related token. You can do this on

In the last 24 hours it generated a volume of 174 thousand dollars and has a value of $ 0.09, so 1 xDAI is worth about 11 MOON.

Reddit and token scalability

Recall that Reddit is still looking for a way to scale this credit system based on blockchain, although there are already several solutions proposed such as using LiquidApps , given that Reddit users are millions and this leads to considerable mass adoption.

From the data we can see that this airdrop involved almost 8 thousand addresses and one of the last has 14 zeros, so converting the figure into dollars is a lot of money (2.4659659e + 19 dollars), figures that a normal calculator could not even contain.

Surely these are interesting and even frightening numbers, demonstrating how crypto and various tokens can be a truly revolutionary tool without precedent, leading to solving various financial and economic problems.

We are not even talking about decentralized finance (DeFi), but about a simple distribution of tokens made to the most active users of the Reddit community, therefore a kind of reward for their activity on the platform.

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