Early investor in Ripple (XRP) reveals strategy for identifying highly profitable cryptos

Early investor in Ripple (XRP) reveals strategy for identifying highly profitable cryptos


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  • Crypto Bitlord identifies macro trends as part of its strategy for identifying highly profitable cryptocurrencies.
  • To Analyst’s view could be Polkadot and Kusama projects with great potential

The early one XRP Investor, Crypto Bitlord, recalled the days before the all-time high of the Bitcoin price and talked about his experience in identification of trends and cryptocurrencies with the potential to generate exorbitant returns.

Crypto Bitlord entered the crypto market in 2012 and was one of the investors who sold the digital asset XRP for $ 0.008 r bought. At its all-time high, XRP rose 50,000% to $ 3.84. The investor said that prior to this rally he turned his attention to individual aspects of the fundamentals that made up the value of XRP:

It went through this whole time that everyone, all of the Bitcoin people, just hated it, destroyed it, slandered it left, right, and center, and I said, ” See, it doesn’t matter what you want to think of a bank coin. It’s the damn stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Just look at what they’re doing here. There is potential in there. Support it.

Crypto Bitlord collects information, reviews, fundamentals and other data that supports the value of an asset and its potential for recovery. The investor emphasized the importance of waiting for the right moment in the market. Additionally, he considers the most popular tokens currently traded to be a scam. In relation to the growth of the DeFi sector of

Ethereum added the investor:

But the The thing is, these things are sometimes dealt with. That’s how it is if you want to earn a living by trading these things. Look at the stock market, there are scams going on there. The thing is, you have to know how to do it. This is crypto, a lot of things are scams. Some people argue that XRP is a scam.

New projects with the same potential as XRP

The investor believes that the world is on the verge of massive adaptation of Bitcoin, XRP and other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, he has continued his strategy of looking at market trends at the macro level. The investor claims that market activity was “slow” in 2020. Therefore, he has concentrated on creating a “blue chip” in new projects such as Polkadot and Kusama.

Like Ethereum, these projects have features that set them apart from the competition and investors help distinguish them from scams. For example, the investor claimed that these projects are community backed, developed, infrastructure and funded:

You really invest in the team, not just in the idea. When you have a solid team, when you have something solid like Polkadot or Kusama, you have little chance of losing everything. I call them blue chips. You can put money into it for a year.

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