[Cryptoneedle] Cardano founder “overtakes Ethereum next year”

[Cryptoneedle] Cardano founder “overtakes Ethereum next year”

[Cryptoneedle] Founder of Cardano “overtaking Ethereum next year”

One. Babel Finance controversy over high-risk trading using customer assets without consent This is the situation. First of all, the process was problematic, such as the fact that the business model was not diversified and was too simple, that the inflow of funds was induced at a high interest rate, and that when the market fluctuates, it was difficult to lose money and attracted a bailout from Tether in order not to lose the entire amount. This is not something to criticize as if it were a problem only for CeFi or DeFi. This is because it is an issue to be careful wherever money is collected. Taking the example of a traditional financial market, the reason Barings bank collapsed was because a trader was manipulating a book to make up for a large loss in the futures market and the plate grew. I hope that the whistleblower’s claim is not true, but first I think I will have to wait for the results of the due diligence. Note: Summary of Bankruptcy Issue of Bearings Bank https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bearings_Bank 2. Is FileCoin finally coming out on the mainnet? https://decrypt.co/43156/filecoin-launch-date-mainnet Comment: Filecoin with a lot of talk and a lot of ridicule. The mainnet is finally coming out next month. However, in addition to the difficulty of implementing simple technologies, it will not be possible to avoid the ‘rebellion’ of some miners and competition for other storage projects. I wonder what kind of results can be achieved. Note: Filecoin is trying to hard fork in the Chinese community? https://joind.io/market/id/3462 3. Series A funding from exchanges Bitpanda, Peter Till Valar Ventures, etc. https://www.coindesk.com/bitpanda-series-a-peter- thiel-valar-ventures Comment: This is a series A round with a valuation of about 55 billion won. It’s a deal led by Peter Till’s Valar Ventures. In the case of Valar Ventures, most of the portfolio is concentrated on the Techpin project. One of them is a C-Fi project like BlockFi. I wonder what kind of transformation will happen in the European market. In the era of techpin, will we be able to regain our predecessor in the financial market that was pushed back before? 4. Charles Hoskinson “Cardano will outperform Ethereum next year” https://kr.coinness.com/news/774284 Comment: Cardano and Shelley have been rumored to utilize the Tokyo Olympics for a while since last year With the release of the mainnet, it finally began to play the role of the Layer 1 protocol. However, I do not know whether it will be superior to Ethereum next year. Right now, other Layer 1 projects are unable to surpass Ethereum’s stronghold. 5. YFI Founder’s New Project Eminence was also revealed. Hackers are said to have stolen about $7 million of $15 million and returned half of it. The fact that they were robbed is important, but I think it might be a warning. About Andre and those who follow him unconditionally. 6. Opium.exchange implements CDS (credit default swap) as DeFi https://www.theblockcrypto.com/daily/78735/wall-streets-credit-default-swaps-have-found-their-way-to- defi Comment: It is a project based on wBTC. Increasingly, there is an increasing number of attempts to implement not only operations for simple financial products, but also financial products themselves through virtual assets. Of course, increasing these needs is something else, so there is still more to go. Given the collateral rate currently set at up to 200%, these products and low collateral projects cannot be viewed as positively. It is because I think that I can do the same thing that I made mistakes in traditional finance. Also, as it becomes more and more mainstream, there are more variables to consider. So I think buffering is necessary. Not the sudden growth. In addition, we share the funding news of Liquity, a project that recently took a different approach to collateral. Note: DeFi lending protocol Liquity attracts approximately 3 billion won funding from Sidra Round https://joind.io/market/id/3521 7. If they hit them, the stock price will be cut in half… Wall Street’s “Short Selling Assassins” https://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=101&oid=023&aid=0003565047 Comment: This is an interesting article. Demonstrate the importance of Due Dilligence (DD). The importance of DD is always of course high, as the fields, industries and stages are different. In the existing venture industry, the difficulties of DD are always emerging. 2020.09.29 News Comment by Cryptoneedles (https://bit.ly/Crypto_Needle_Tel)

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