Coinbase offers liquidation to employees who do not share the mission of the company

Coinbase offers liquidation to employees who do not share the mission of the company

Coinbase, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange is ready to offer employees an exit package for those who do not feel aligned with the approach recently declared mission statement by the company.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong shared in a blog post about how the crypto exchange will take a ‘ company first ‘in the workplace.

Coinbase will compensate employees who decide to leave

The new position of the company is intended to be apolitical and create a neutral environment in which employees can focus on the main objective of creating products and an infrastructure global financial openness.

This essentially puts political and social activism on the back burner.

As BeInCrypto reported, there were mixed responses to Coinbase’s new mission statement .

Similarly, employees expressed polarized opinions on the issue. According to a message sent by Armstrong, the company is ready to offer a severance package to those who feel they do not align with the company’s mission focus and choose to leave.

The package offers a four-month pay for employees who have been with Coinbase for less than three years and six months for employees who have been with the company for the longest time.

In addition to that, the exchange will offer six months of health insurance through the US government’s COBRA program:

Excerpt from an email sent by Brian Armstrong to Coinbase staff

Managing a culture change in one of the largest exchanges

The company remains open-minded and Armstrong recognizes that cultural change can Asking their employees lots of questions.

A sudden change in policy can be difficult for some to process, which is why the company has also ensured that all employees who want to discuss the matter can contact the Human Resources (HR) area for a confidential conversation.

Armstrong wrote:

“If you are interested in talking to HR about this package (without committing to accept it, but starting a discussion), fill out this form and someone will contact HR shortly. Your conversation will be confidential with HR unless you choose to include your manager. ”

Coinbase is the first cryptocurrency company to openly declare this kind of mission approach first, and considering the global nature of cryptocurrencies, makes sense.

However, as others pointed out, a software company dealing with cryptocurrencies may be inherently subject to political trouble and will be interesting observe how the exchange acts when it is in an uncertain situation.

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