Cardano Course Prognosis

Cardano Course Prognosis

The Cardano (ADA) course has exactly returned to the golden ratio, which the ADA course has ricocheted violently!

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Cardano Course forecast – bounced off the golden ratio support!

ADA / USD weekly rate – Tradingview

The Cardano course is returned exactly to the golden ratio support at $ 0.075, where the ADA price bounced off violently, shooting up around 44 percent! Significant resistance is now waiting for the Cardano price at $ 0.11.

Regarding the MACD, the ADA price could soon continue its downtrend.

Cardano price forecast – 50-day EMA acts as a resistance!

ADA / USD daily rate – Tradingview

Finally, the ADA price seems to be rejected at the 50-day EMA resistance at $ 0.10. Should the Cardano price fail to sustainably break the resistance at $ 0.11, the Cardano price may move back to the golden ratio support at $ 0.075.

However, the MACD looks bullish in the daily rate. The RSI also has a lot of room to go up. Accordingly, the Cardano course could dare to try to break the 0.382 Fib level at $ 0.11!

Cardano rate forecast – short-term correction targets!

ADA / USD 4H rate – Tradingview

Should the Cardano price break below the 200-4h EMA at $ 0.099, however, it could reach the 50-day EMA at $ 0.095 or the Golden ratio drops at $ 0.85!

Cardano price forecast – against Bitcoin at 0.382 Fib resistance!

ADA / BTC weekly rate – Tradingview

Against Bitcoin, the ADA rate corrected well below the golden ratio support, up to the horizontal support between 0.00000685 – 0.00000738 BTC. Currently the ADA price seems to be struggling with the 0.382 Fib level at 0.00000987 BTC. At 0.00000877 BTC, the next support awaits the ADA rate.

The weekly MACD indicates that the correction may already have come to an end. Then the ADA / BTC could soon resume its upward trend!

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